Coach Services

This page shows full details of our travel services to and from New Hall School. Coach services run Monday to Friday, unless otherwise stated, and are for children from Year 3 upwards. The services also operate on school Open Mornings.

Please note that the allocation of a place on all routes is subject to availability. These timetables are a guide only. Students are advised to be at their allocated stop at least five minutes prior to the advertised departure time.

Our coach services have been relaunched for September 2019. For further information and to book online, please follow this link to our dedicated website.

For further information, please contact Mr C Douglas-Hughes on 01245 467 588, or by email to

Bus Rules
  • Proper behaviour on the buses, both to and from the School and on school trips, is vital. Safety, and the well-being of passengers, drivers and other road users, is paramount. There must be proper respect for both people and property.
  • Normal school rules apply on the buses, whether they are organised by the School or by parents.
  • Infringement of the rules may be reported both to the organisers of the bus (who may employ the sanction of suspension or exclusion from the bus) and to the School (which may also take disciplinary action). Some examples of what this means in practice:
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times in the bus, except when entering and exiting. (It follows, therefore, that passengers must remain seated and not move around the vehicle).
  • Passengers must not distract the driver or other road users.
  • Entry and departure must be orderly and safe. Pupils must keepwell away from the edge of the pavement when waiting for a bus,and only move forwards when it has stopped.
  • Pupils must follow the instructions of the bus driver and any other member of staff.
  • No excessive noise.
  • No litter to be left in the bus.
  • No throwing items from one seat to another.
  • All behaviour to be sensible and considerate.

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