A Level Business

You will almost certainly one day either work in a business or own your own business. Business A Level aims to develop the skills and knowledge required in order to be successful in whatever your chosen future career path may be.

A Level Business is all about decision making. We look at the decisions made by business leaders when running large and small businesses and how the external environment can affect the decisions that are made. In the first year, we mainly study the main functional areas of business – marketing, finance, HR and operations. In the second year, we expand our perspective to consider the bigger strategic issues such as growth, innovation and change. The examination and the majority of the lessons are based on real-life business contexts and will ask students to reflect on the issues impacting modern businesses and to solve the problems with which are presented.

What you will study in Year 12 (AQA)

  1. What is business?
  2. Managers, leadership and decision-making
  3. Decision making to improve marketing performance
  4. Decision making to improve operational performance
  5. Decision making to improve financial performance
  6. Decision making to improve human resource performance

What you will study in Year 13 (AQA)

  1. Analysing the strategic position of a business
  2. Choosing strategic direction
  3. Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies
  4.  Managing strategic change


Co-curricular opportunities and trips

Business Society

Business Society allows students to explore areas of the subject they are passionate about. It is an opportunity for debate and discussion on current business news.

Corporate Conversation

Corporate Conversation gives students the opportunity to hear from successful and experienced business people.


Students are encouraged to enter national and international competitions including;

  • IFS Student Investor Challenge
  • Tycoons in Schools
  • Young Enterprise
  • Credit Suisse Inspire Charity Challenge
  • Essay competitions
  • Institute of Directors, Aspirations in Business
  • Trading simulations


We aim to visit businesses both locally, nationally and internationally. We run a trip to New York and Washington every two years which gives students the opportunity to visit many American businesses as well as tour the United Nations and Wall Street.


In 2022, 100% of students achieved an A*-C grade with 43% achieving A*-A and 17% achieving an A*.

What students say

I have enjoyed the informative and eye-opening perspective that taking Business has given me into the changing world and how all industries adapt to this. Taking Business will open many doors for the future, whilst also giving you knowledge on everything that is occurring in the current economy, allowing you to follow a vast number of paths in your future.– Henry, Year 13

Business was always an easy choice for me due to the relevance of the subject to the real world. The A Level course stays relevant to our outside world by using real life case-studies, while also allowing you to build a larger skill set through maths, management, and a greater idea of the business world. There is always support from teachers, whenever it is needed, and there is a large number of resources.” – William C, Year 13

Due to the fact that Business is a subject that relates to the entire world, I decided to study it at A Level. I believe that the knowledge that you gain from this subject will be useful in the future. Through this knowledge, you will be able to open many doors and pathways in your future career. In light of current events in the world, Business is an extremely relevant subject to study. The goal of my future career is to obtain a degree in business management and marketing and work in the marketing field.– Darcy, Year 13

I chose to study Business at A level because it is a great way to prepare for university courses in the fields of business and management or to follow a career in finance, accounting, or marketing post university. I enjoy this course as it has allowed me to develop my critical analysis, decision making and problem-solving skills. The Business teachers are always very supportive of all students and will always offer help if needed at any time. The knowledge and skills I have gained on this course so far will benefit me in the future and be transferable across many areas of study or work.” – Madi, Year 13

Head of Business: Miss R Walters [email protected]

Instagram: @newhallbusiness