Physical Education

Core PE

From Years 3-9, students follow a core PE curriculum that comprises: Health Related Fitness, Swimming, Athletics, Gymnastics, Dance, net and wall games (these include Tennis, Badminton, Handball and Volleyball), striking and fielding games (these include Cricket, Rounders and Softball) and invasion games (these include Basketball, Football, Olympic Handball and Dodgeball).  The emphasis is on learning fundamental skills and tactics. Students also learn definitions, keywords and concepts that are introduced in more detail in the GCSE course.

GCSE Physical Education

In Years 10-11, students can choose to take GCSE Physical Education (OCR specification).  The specification includes two theory papers: (1) Physical factors affecting performance (2) Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology. Additionally, there is a third non-examined component that involves analysis and evaluation of performance. Students’ practical performances are assessed in three activities.

A Level Physical Education

In Years 12-13, students can choose to take A Level in Physical Education (OCR specification).  Students study Physiology, Psychology and Socio-cultural sporting issues as well as deliver an EAPI verbal presentation and one practical sport at moderation.



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