What many schools term ‘extra-curricular’ activities, for us at New Hall forms the ‘Co-Curriculum’, an intrinsic and valued part of the education that we offer. The co-curricular programme at New Hall is designed to provide the breadth to the education that enables us to develop the well-balanced individuals, of which we can all be proud.

The impact that an active involvement in the co-curricular life of the School can have on academic attainment should not be underestimated. Many of the skills developed through co-curricular activities are directly transferable to the academic arena. These include problem-solving, working as a team and performing under pressure in front of an audience. The necessary self-discipline and commitment to practice that are fundamental to success in these areas are also mirrored in the classroom.

It is often said that success breeds success. Achieving high standards within an area of New Hall’s co-curricular programme could develop your son or daughter’s self-confidence within other aspects of their education here.

Our programme of clubs and activities may vary from year to year, depending on student and staff interests; however, the lists below will give you a flavour of the type of activity that has been offered recently at New Hall.  For the most up to date list of activities, please refer to the pdf file available below for the current term.

If you have any queries about the Co-Curriculum at New Hall, please contact Mr Holden, Vice Principal at [email protected]

Personal Development Award

The New Hall Personal Development Award is designed to enable Key Stage 3 students to maximise the development of their learning habits and character strengths.

Much like The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, there are three levels to this Award (Bronze, Silver and Gold), each requiring differing levels of time commitment.

We encourage all students in Years 7-9 to aim to work their way through the three levels of the Personal Development Award, with the aim for them to have achieved their Gold Award by the time they enter Year 10.

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