Pre-Prep (Reception – Year 2)

Pupils in the Pre-Prep Division make their first steps on an exciting educational journey at New Hall in the pursuit of their talents. We do not believe in one single definition of intelligence; for us the question is not, ‘How intelligent is this child?’ but ‘How is this child intelligent?’ We enjoy discovering, sharing and celebrating each and every pupil’s intelligence, whether it manifests itself in the classroom, on the athletics track, in performances and productions, or in social and emotional interactions.

Learning takes place across our stunning 70-acre site, stimulating pupils’ natural desire to explore and investigate. On a tour of the school, one would witness pupils benefiting from the calm and spirituality of the St Francis Chapel, utilising sporting facilities such as the Swimming Pool and Tennis Courts, expressing themselves in the Walkfares Performing Arts centre, and taking in the environmental surroundings on a nature trail.

Our experienced and dedicated staff are here to ensure that every step along the way, pupils’ minds are inspired to learn, and pupils’ hearts are filled with the Gospel values of care, trust and respect.

Whether they join us from our own Nursery, or are new to the School, pupils in Reception settle quickly into daily routines, enjoy learning through play, and develop socially and emotionally in a warm and welcoming environment.  Activities are planned to facilitate the Early Years Foundation Stage seven areas of learning and development:

  • communication and language
  • physical development
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design

Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants work with small groups of pupils, nurturing their interests and encouraging curiosity in the learning environment, in order to build on their foundations and work towards the Early Years Goals.  The greater level of formality in the classroom environment enables our pupils to reach impressive levels of attainment, although there remains an emphasis on child-initiated learning opportunities.

In Years 1 and 2, pupils flourish and thrive as they develop a ‘growth mind-set’ through New Hall’s learning habits:

  • showing persistence
  • embracing challenge
  • appreciating feedback
  • using big-picture thinking
  • being aware of next-step targets

A stimulating curriculum provides opportunities to contextualise knowledge, to practise skills and to broaden understanding. Pupils find their ‘voice’ in the School, using the School Councillor representative for their class as a channel of communication.  Our pupils become outward-looking, developing an appreciation of how they can contribute to their community and to society in general.  Regular fundraising events and opportunities for charitable work give our pupils a sense of service to others.

All pupils in the Pre-Prep Division experience timetabled specialist sessions in Language & Culture, Music, Dance (Reception) and Physical Education.  All pupils in the Pre-Prep Division enjoy Outoor Learning sessions within the impressive grounds. Here, they develop independence, confidence, problem-solving skills, cooperation, and an appreciation of the natural environment.

Educational visits and visitors embed learning further.  There have been recent ventures to Hyde Hall, Mersea Island, Hanningfield Reservoir, Boydell’s Farm and Colne Valley Railway, while our Denford Hall has been transformed into a ‘Walk with Dinosaurs’, 17th century plague-ridden London, and a Victorian household.  The Pre-Prep Division takes part fully in Preparatory Divisions themed weeks and days, such as STEM week and World Book Day.

The well-being of every pupil in the Pre-Prep Division is of paramount importance, and our close knit team works together to ensure all are welcomed, happy and safe in our community. The leadership team, Chaplain and chaplaincy team, catering and domestic teams, administration staff, and Pupil Support Manager carry out their responsibilities towards pupil wellbeing with professionalism, enthusiasm and warmth. The Prep-Prep pupils enjoy the benefits of the Health & Wellbeing Centre which is staffed by medical professionals.

A day in the Pre-Prep Division is a day filled with moments of laughter and reflection, awe and wonder.  We aim to provide the ‘best start in life’. For us, that means facilitating the transformation into independent thinkers who wake in the morning keen to see their friends and being learning, and who on the way home are eager to answer the question, “What did you learn at school today?”

Pre-Prep School Day Timetable

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