“The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.” - Albert Einstein

“My ambition is to live to see all of the physics reduced to a formula so elegant and simple that it will fit easily on the front of a t-shirt." - Leon Lederman

Physicists are problem solvers who use their skills to solve the problems of the Universe and to explain the Universe around us, from the tiniest particle to the infinite Universe.  Physics crosses the boundaries of Science from technology and engineering to medical physics and material science.  Physics enables us to solve the big questions of the modern world and the problems of energy consumption and food production in a rapidly growing population while also making our world more entertaining through the development of technology.

Physics at a Glance

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

In Years 7 and 8, students follow an accelerated Key Stage 3 course covering the basic ideas of Physics, including work on electricity, waves, forces and space.  This develops a solid foundation in Physics and prepares them for the GCSE course.

GCSE AQA Curriculum

In Years 9. 10 and 11, the GCSE AQA course is covered. Both Combined Science and Triple Science are offered in order to give a good introduction to studying Physics at A level.

Physics 8463

Combined Science Trilogy 8464

OCR Physics A H556

At A level, students follow the OCR Physics A course. This is a traditional course, which gives an excellent basis for studying Physics or Engineering at degree level.


The content is split into six teaching modules:-

  • Module 1 – Development of practical skills
  • Module 2 – Foundations of Physics
  • Module 3 – Forces and motion
  • Module 4 – Electrons, waves and photons
  • Module 5 – Newtonian world and astrophysics
  • Module 6 – Particles and medical physics

Our Physics Community

Astronomy Club

This is a popular club, which allows students to develop their interests beyond the Physics curriculum and can enable them to take GCSE Astronomy as an additional subject.

Physics Olympiad Problem Solving Club

This is an academic club, which encourages students to develop their problem solving skills with the opportunity to sit the Physics Olympiad.

Drop in Support Club

This is a lunchtime club, which enables students to access support from teachers during lunchtime.

Institute of Physics

We also have close links with Institute of Physics Chelmsford Branch who run regular lectures and events, such as Physics Fest, an outreach event, which our students support each year.


Co-Curricular Opportunities

There are a variety of opportunities for students through their studies

  • Year 7 Race for the Line
  • Year 8 Thinkers in Education
  • Year 9 Engineering Day with visits from local global engineering companies
  • Year 10 GCSE Science Live London lectures


We encourage students to take part in many competitions and have had many successes.

  • Physics Olympiad – a gold award in the Year 11 Challenge and bronze and silver awards in the Olympiad.
  • Talent 2030 Competition
  • I Love Science Competition – A national competition run by the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, where we had seven finalists.
  • In addition, many CREST awards at various levels.

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Head of Physics: Mr T Britton Jones [email protected]