• At Key Stage 3, students study: Medieval Realms 1066-1500; the Making of the United Kingdom and the Twentieth Century World. This year the schemes of work have been re-written to ensure that they are more diverse and representative of our student body and wider society.
  • As part of the Key Stage 3 syllabus, the History Department is proud to include a topic on the History of New Hall School. As part of the topic, students learn about the history of the Religious Community and the building. The department is able to take advantage of the valuable archives available and it is a subject that students enjoy a great deal. Knowledge of the Tudor period is then built upon in Year 8
  • At Key Stage 4, students study the Edexcel IGCSE. This includes units on Germany, 1918-45; Superpower Relations 1943-72; Russia, 1905- 24 and the Changing Nature of Warfare, 1919-2011
  • At Key Stage 5, students study the Edexcel A Level. Topics in Year 12 look at Twentieth Century US History and South African History between 1948 and 1994. Currently, Year 13 students are able to complete an independent investigation on a topic of their choice, with a focus on analysing historical interpretations, and also study the History of the British Empire, 1763 – 1914


Head of History: Mrs S. Garside [email protected]