School Meals

Active, growing children and young people require plenty of wholesome food and regular meals.  At New Hall School, we believe that Holroyd Howe, our selected caterers, offer something that will satisfy everyone.  We support ethical buying, and we ensure fresh, seasonal, locally grown, environmentally sustainable food is used wherever possible. We ensure that their suppliers, local and national, are committed to providing best quality and value, with the highest standards of accredited health and safety.  We expect them to have procedures covering full traceability of source through the supply chain, with comprehensive food labelling, supplying information on both allergens and nutritional data.

The School offers a wide choice between hot and cold food, with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and salads.  Proposed menus ensure a balance of food groups and nutrition is provided.  We believe that it is very important to allow sufficient time in the middle of the day for pupils to eat, to unwind and also to participate in lunch-time clubs and activities, and the lunch break length has been set accordingly to allow this.

Mid-morning snack

Parents are asked to provide a mid-morning snack of fresh fruit or vegetables.  Pre-Prep Division parents can also provide a similar snack for the afternoon should they wish.  All pupils have an individual water bottle which gives them access to fresh water all day, with water fountains in key areas. Pupils in the Prep Divisions are able to sign up for Breakfast Club and/or Supper Club.

School Lunches

In the Preparatory and Senior Divisions, parents have the option to purchase a School lunch on a termly basis and will be invoiced termly in advance. A 3-course lunch costs £3.85 per day or £639.10pa.

Dietary requirements

Before a child is admitted to the School, information is sought from parents in relation to any special dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies that the child may have.  We regularly consult with parents to ensure that our records of their child’s dietary needs, including any allergies, are up to date and appropriate forms are signed.

Any parent who is concerned over the quality of food is welcome to come to sample lunch or any other meal, please email [email protected].

Next Steps...

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