At New Hall, we term the myriad of activities and opportunities open to our students outside the classroom as the ‘co-curriculum’. We see these enrichment opportunities, which many schools class as ‘extra-curricular’, as an intrinsic and valued part of our pupils’ educational experience.

We are committed to providing a first class education, and our extended day and week enables us to offer exciting co-curricular opportunities to our pupils at lunchtimes, after school and on Saturdays. These range from gardening to Mandarin and from ski race training to street dance.

The co-curricular programme provides the breadth to a New Hall education that enables us to develop well-balanced young women and men, of which we can all be rightly proud. Many of the skills developed through co-curricular activities are directly transferable to the academic arena. These include problem solving, teamwork and performing under pressure in front of an audience, not to mention the self-confidence that success in these activities can give.

We are currently adjusting our Co-Curricular programme in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions to ensure the safety of all pupils and staff.

Music, Sport, Art and Design Technology are all incorporated into the mainstream academic curriculum, however pupils have the opportunity in the co-curricular programme to expand on and develop these skills. Our programme of clubs and activities may vary from year to year, dependent on pupil and staff interests, the programme for this term can be viewed via the link below:

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