Most Able & Talented

As well as continually identifying and monitoring our more Able and Talented students using an amalgamation of evidence from a wide variety of sources, our broad and varied programme fulfills the manifold needs of this diverse group. The MAT programme is not limited to just the academic subjects either, taking in also Sport and the Arts. By seeking excellence in all areas, our programme provides inspiring opportunities for all to develop their skills, uncover their talents and raise their attainment.

Key aspects of New Hall’s Key Stage 4 MAT provision include:

Specific Working Parties

We offer a Debating Club & Competitions, and Oxbridge Seminars. In addition, extra subjects, such as Classical Greek, provide enrichment, and the Level 2 Extended Projects provides an outlet for students to present and develop their ideas and interests. Together these opportunities allow students to develop as young academics, building their skills of analysis and argument and exploring their interests beyond the curriculum. In addition, elite development programmes in Sport and the Arts enable our most talented performers to hone their skills for high-level success.

Enrichment within the Curriculum

MAT students are provided with differentiated work in all subjects where they show high level potential. Differentiated work challenges the most able and enables students to develop a growth mind-set and build their abilities as higher level thinkers.

Co-Curricular Enrichment

New Hall offers a whole gamut of academic and cultural opportunities for KS4 students to extend and enrich their education outside of lessons. The newly-launched ‘Building Your CV’ programme will incentivise participation, enabling individuals to identify opportunities and avoid becoming over stretched.


Specific co-curricular opportunities include:

  • Departmental programmes of trips, lectures and regional/national competitions.
  • Representative opportunities to develop performance in Sports and the Arts.
  • Accredited courses, e.g. the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, LAMDA.
  • Academic clubs and societies, offering also the chance to build leadership skills.
  • Links with academic institutions, local businesses and the broader community.



New Hall encourages academically able students to apply for Oxford or Cambridge universities. The school has a good track record of students being accepted to study at an Oxbridge Institution in a wide range of subjects, including arts, sciences, humanities and languages.

The Oxbridge programme, OMEGA, fits with the school’s Most Able and Talented provision. In Year 10, students are given the opportunity to visit Emmanuel College, Cambridge. This is followed in Year 11 with an opportunity to visit Hertford College, Oxford. During these visits, students participate in a tutorial, meet undergraduates and attend an admissions talk.

Each year, students and their families are invited to attend talks about applications to Oxbridge. At these talks, students and their families are given advice regarding the range of courses available, entry requirements and ways in which to make their applications as attractive as possible to Admissions Tutors. An emphasis is placed on meeting the academic requirements demanded by Oxbridge Colleges so that students achieve the excellent grades needed at GCSE level. Oxbridge preparation and provision continues as students move into the Sixth Form.