A Level Geography

“The study of geography is about more than just memorising places on a map. It’s about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exists across continents. And in the end, it’s about using all that knowledge to help bridge divides and bring people together.” – Barack Obama

There has never been a more important time to study A Level Geography. Many of the great issues facing humanity are explored in the subject, including climate change, migration, geopolitics and environmental degradation.

Students explore a range of Physical and Human geographical concepts and are encouraged to consider the myriad of ways in which they overlap and influence one another. Numerous skills are also developed in the subject, including skills of analysis, evaluation and critical thinking.  The dynamic nature of the subject means a huge number of current and topical issues are covered in lessons, allowing students to broaden their awareness of current affairs.


What you will study

The course includes the following components:

Paper 1 (30%) Paper 2 (30%) Paper 3 (20%) Independent Investigation (20%)
Tectonic Processes and Hazards Globalisation Synoptic themed paper focused on a place-based geographical issue. An independent geographical enquiry/coursework.
Coastal Landscapes and Change Regenerating Places
The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity Superpowers
The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security Migration, Identity and Sovereignty


The A Level Geography course retains a coursework-based unit shown as the independent investigation in the table above.  This piece of work requires students to define their own question derived from the specification and conduct fieldwork to investigate the issue they are exploring.  Students then complete a report to analyse and evaluate their findings.


Geography Society allows students to explore areas of the subject that go beyond the curriculum. It offers an opportunity to discuss topics in greater depth and encourages students to develop a broader understanding of the world around them.


A number of compulsory trips run alongside the A Level curriculum. These include a trip to the Suffolk coastline, as well as a residential trip to Nettlecombe Court Field Study Centre in Somerset.

We also endeavour to offer international trip opportunities and have recently run trips to China in 2019 and Iceland in 2022.



In 2022 38% of students achieved an A*-A and 71% of students achieved an A*-B.


Head of Geography: Mr B Williams [email protected]

Instagram: @newhallgeog