A Level Mathematics & Further Mathematics

For the things of this world cannot be made known without a knowledge of mathematics. - Roger Bacon

Studying maths helps us find patterns and structure in our lives. Practically, maths helps us put a price on things, create graphics, build websites, build skyscrapers and generally understand how things work or predict how they might change over time and under different conditions.

A Level Mathematics is one of the best subjects to develop your analytical, research and problem-solving skills. Not only will studying maths help give you the knowledge to tackle scientific, mechanical, coding and abstract problems, it will also help you develop logic to tackle everyday issues like planning projects, managing budgets and even debating effectively.

A Level Mathematics

A Level Further Mathematics

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What students say

I enjoy maths because it helps me to solve problems in other subjects, it provides me with perseverance and resilience.”

Studying maths opens doors; it widens the opportunity range.



  • Mathematics Society – a chance to investigate, debate and discuss mathematics outside of the A level curriculum. Using videos, podcasts, books, articles and presentations.
  • Aspiring Oxbridge Mathematicians – a club to explore beyond the A level course for those students wanting to apply for Oxbridge. Various activities involving Oxbridge masterclass seminars.
  • Further Maths Competition Society – an opportunity for Further Maths students to train and participate in various external maths competitions while building on and expanding their love for the subject.

Trips and Competitions

Mathematics In Action – a day of lectures about mathematics beyond A Level.  Past topics have included Fermat’s Last Theorem, Fighting Disease With Mathematics, and The Maths of Weather and Climate.

UKMT Team Challenge – our team attends a day of mathematics competition against other schools.

As well as the Team Challenge, individual students are entered for the UKMT Senior competition each year.


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