Extended Project Qualification

At New Hall School, we recognise the skills of creativity and innovation as being fundamental not only for successful university applications and improved grades, but also for enabling students to make a difference in today’s society. We know that our country, and indeed our world, is facing extreme social, environmental, political and educational challenges. The Extended Project Qualification enables Sixth Form students to research or reflect on these pertinent issues.

In light of all the above, Sixth Form students are invited to complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in Years 12 and 13. It is an independent research project on a chosen topic. Students may choose to write a 5000-word essay or to produce an artefact (creation) accompanied by a 2000-word research report. Students are given guidance from their supervisors, but will set their own deadlines, aims, targets and research questions.

All students in Year 12 will attend the introductory lectures, in which they will be given the opportunity to learn and develop their key researching skills. Until October half term, students will also have seminars with their supervisors and peers in which they can discuss their inspirational ideas and decide whether the EPQ course is right for them. In most recent years, students have written medical dissertations, explored environmental issues, debated historical events and engaging in theological discussions. Artefact creations have included unique sports equipment, artwork, computer games, musical compositions and organising charity events.

The EPQ is your opportunity to explore your passions and make a difference in today’s world.

Research skills include:

  • Project Planning
  • Time Management
  • Collecting Primary and Secondary Research
  • Essay Writing
  • Analysing Research Sources
  • Presentation Skills
  • Referencing
  • Creative Thinking


In 2022, students achieved 79% A*/A and 100% A*-C.

Student success

  • One student wrote a novel for her EPQ artefact and has subsequently had her book published; it is now available to buy on Amazon
  • One student completed an essay-based project on dementia. She invited a representative from Alzheimer’s UK to her presentation, and was offered an internship working with the charity
  • One student completed two A Levels and was accepted into Warwick University with the EPQ as his third A Level
  • Two students completed a group project and raised just under £3,000 by organising a Charity Ball
  • Numerous students have had their grade offers lowered by universities for the successful completion of an EPQ

If you have any questions, please contact Academic Projects Coordinator [email protected].