A Level Theology

Theology was described by Aquinas as ‘the Queen of the Sciences’ and is firmly recognised as an academically rigorous subject that offers students the chance to explore the big questions of life.

The A Level Theology course includes Christian Theology, Philosophy and Ethics.  Students will learn about and analyse a wide range of topics within Christianity from traditional Theology to the role and value of Christianity in the 21st Century.  The Philosophy component looks at questions of cosmology, God’s existence (or lack of) and religious experience.  When studying Ethics, students will learn about different ethical theories and apply them to relevant issues such as abortion, euthanasia, migration and capital punishment.

Component 1: Christianity

  1. The person of Jesus and the early Church
  2. The nature of God
  3. The relationship between religion and society
  4. Festivals and religious identity

Component 2: Philosophy

  1. Arguments for God’s existence
  2. Arguments against God’s existence
  3. Religious Experience
  4. Religious Language

Component 3: Ethics

  1. Ethical Thought (Meta-Ethics, Divine Command Theory, Ethical Egoism and Virtue Theory)
  2. Deontological Ethics (Natural Law and Proportionalism)
  3. Teleological Ethics (Situation Ethics and Utilitarianism)
  4. Free Will and Determinism

Co-curricular Opportunities and Trips

Theology Society

Theology Society allows students to explore areas of the subject they are passionate about. It is an opportunity for debate and discussion on theological, philosophical and ethical issues.


Students are given the opportunity to compete in the UK Philosothon; a national competition where students engage in competitive debating and philosophical thought.

Essay Competitions

Students are encouraged to enter national and international essay competitions, including:

  • Oxford/Cambridge University essay competition
  • The John Locke essay competition
  • St Mary’s University essay competition


We run a trip to India every two-three years which gives students the opportunity to explore Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi and Delhi.  Students visit places of Hindu and Muslim worship and enjoy an immersive experience of another culture.


In 2022, 50% of students achieved an A* grade, 81% of students achieved an A*-A and 100% of students achieved a A*-B grade.  This places our Department as one of the most successful Theology departments in the country.  In 2022, two students secured places to study Theology at Oxford and Cambridge University.

What Students say

What I love the most about Theology is the unpredictable nature of class discussions and the fact that what we learn goes far beyond words in a textbook and has an existential impact on people’s lives, cultures and communities.  The New Hall Theology Department has really nurtured my love of discovery and has made me feel confident as I embark upon a Theology degree at Oxford.” – Niamh, Year 13

Theology lessons give us a space to explore our own beliefs, opinions and attitudes.  We learn the invaluable skills of debating and critical thought and I’m in no doubt that Theology is one of the most beneficial subjects I have ever studied.  We learn about our own existence and how to exist in a world of divergent views.” –  Sadie, Year 13

The Theology Department is undoubtedly the most supportive Department in the School.  They are always on hand to help and will go above and beyond to make sure we reach our potential.” – Olivia, Year 13

Theology has given me the skills to articulate my thoughts clearly and persuasively.  I’ve been given the space to change my mind and to support my views with scholarly contributions.” – Tom, Year 13

Head of Theology: Miss M. Webb [email protected]

Instagram: @newhalltheology