Pastoral Care & Wellbeing


It is essential for every student to feel that they are an important part of our community and can contribute to the life of the school. At New Hall, this is established through an ethos of respect and compassion for others. Each student’s happiness is important to members of staff and to other students it’s why pastoral care is always a priority.

Building a community involves learning to respect others and to live alongside people who hold different opinions. For some students it may be important to learn how to be more assertive, while others benefit from developing greater listening skills.

Every student is part of a small tutor group with others of the same age. Tutors specialise in the requirements of that particular age group and ensure the wellbeing and progress of each student in their care.  Academic progress and co-curricular programmes are closely monitored and regular, individual meetings with students take place, which offer a chance to discuss any personal issues and to resolve any problems quickly. Talking together, the tutor and students can also look at their work as a whole and set targets to improve standards of achievement.

Student Leadership & Student Voice

Throughout their time in the Sixth Form, students are encouraged to take on roles of responsibility and to develop their leadership skills. Students are challenged to work in teams, lead others and grow as individuals; always seeking to give back to the wider community.

Student voice is extremely important and there are many formal and informal opportunities for students to provide feedback via regular student voice meetings, Student Council and student suggestion boxes. We have received a number of contributions from students who have highlighted good practices and suggested improvements.

Pastoral Staff

Head and Deputy Head of Sixth Form

The Head of Sixth Form is a member of the Senior Leadership Team, and the Deputy Head of Sixth Form is a member of the middle management team.  They are responsible for the welfare of all students in the Sixth Form with regard to pastoral and academic affairs, working alongside the team of tutors and the Heads of Boarding.

Heads of Boarding

The Heads of Boarding are members of the middle management team and are the Heads of Year for the boarding students.  They are responsible for the welfare of the boarding students, with regard to pastoral care, and can assist with academic matters.


Our in-school counselling service provides additional support for students with any issues or concerns.  Our highly experienced counsellors work confidentially and strictly within the Ethical Framework of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and offer a safe and confidential space to talk problems through.  Counselling appointments are available during the working week for individual appointments.  This service is provided free of charge.