Alumni Community

Through their membership of the New Hall Association (NHA), former students retain the strong sense of community experienced during their school days and also benefit from a lively social and careers network. The Old Fishes Association includes past and present students and their parents, staff and their families, as well as friends of New Hall from the local community and the wider world. The Association maintains regular contact with past students via newsletters, reunions, social events and the careers network.

New Hallians or Old Fishes?

New Hall alumni are referred to as Old Fishes (formely New Hallians, as well). The term Old Fishes is a traditional term, which was used for former New Hall students from as early as 1799. At the time of Catholic persecution in mainland Europe, the founding Religious Community were forced to leave the Low Countries. Whilst they were seeking a suitable venue in England and moving students to New Hall’s current site, the nuns referred to students as “Fishes” in their correspondence, so as not to alert the authorities. The name stuck and, subsequently, when students left New Hall they became known as ‘Old Fishes’. It is a unique and fascinating story that unites everyone associated with New Hall with the rich heritage of our past. It also makes an interesting talking point at dinner parties!

Contact the NHA

Join the conversation and get in touch with other former students on FacebookTwitter, Instagram or via the dedicated New Hall Alumni page.

To contact the Old Fishes Association please contact a member of the Communications team on 01245 467 588 or via [email protected].

Open Morning – Visit the School, Revisit Memories!

New Hall’s next Open Morning will take place on Saturday 4 May 2024.