New Hall Voluntary Service

Our students’ views on the NHVS

Founded in 1978, the New Hall Voluntary Service has been providing help and support to vulnerable members of our local community for over 40 years. Working alongside adult volunteers and members of Year 12 who act as leaders, students give up their free time once a week to help run the Action Groups. The elderly, children and adults with specific learning difficulties are among the many people who benefit from the work of the NHVS both here at school and at venues throughout Chelmsford.

A sense of community spirit is fostered at New Hall School through its Voluntary Service where all students are encouraged to serve the local community. The Preparatory Divisions and Senior Divisions are involved in collecting items for the NHVS Christmas hampers, entertaining visiting groups and helping with fundraising.

It is hoped that by the time students reach Year 12 they will apply to become NHVS leaders. This can involve contacting visiting guests, liaising with adult supporters and organising younger students. It helps the students to develop their leadership skills and it is hoped that it will lead to a lifelong wish to help others.

Parents and friends of New Hall School support these activities in many ways, by supporting the Year 12 leaders as adult supporters, driving one of our school minibuses and supporting fundraising events.

Volunteer Experiences

As a member of the teaching staff at New Hall School, volunteering one’s time to have lunch with our local elderly residents provides two very satisfying rewards for me.  Firstly, I get to take a break from the busy working week to slow down and share lunch with those who often find this to be one of the few occasions they interact with others.  This in itself is very rewarding, as is chatting about topics as diverse as grandchildren, past holidays abroad…and who we think will win Strictly Come Dancing or The Apprentice!  Secondly, I cannot deny that it is so very heartening to see the students taking responsibility and developing softer skills of empathy and conscientiousness, then develop into well-rounded, considerate young people who wish to work hard for no other reason than to make others feel a little happier. Mr D Madge, Acting Head of English

I have chosen to volunteer as I felt I wanted to give something back to the community and hopefully make a difference to the lives of others.  It has given me a sense of achievement and enabled me to interact with some very lovely elderly people who appreciate what we do for them.  I feel very valued and part of a great team of volunteers and would have to say, this is the most rewarding and fulfilling job I have taken on. Mrs A Angell, Parent Volunteer

May I take this chance to say what a fantastic service you offer to our elderly, the trip to spend time with the children and other people is a real lifeline for some of our residents, in times when it’s very difficult to find things that are free for our elderly to do it’s refreshing.Mrs M Hastings, CHP Housing Care Officer

If you would like to know more about becoming an NHVS Volunteer, please email via [email protected]. NHVS welcomes enquiries from Preparatory and Senior Divisions parents and friends of the School.