Academic Achievements

New Hall students consistently achieve outstanding GCSE and A Level results.

2020 A Level and GCSE Results have built on the excellent results seen in previous years: 73% of GCSE grades awarded were 7+ (A*/A) and 65% of A Level grades awarded were A*/A.

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In 2018, 44% of grades were at A*-A, 76% of grades were at A*-B and 91% at A*-C. 54% of GCSE grades were at A*-A. Over 25% of grades were at the top A* grade and 83% of grades were at A*-B.

In 2019, 51% of GCSE grades awarded were 7+ or A*-A, 90% of grades were 5+ or A*-B, and one third of all grades were 8+ or A*. A record 14% of grades were at the new highest grade 9.

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