Year 7’s First Day at New Hall

Date Posted: Tuesday 08 September 2020

It was certainly a very busy first day of term for our new Year 7 cohort on Tuesday. Following Monday’s familiarisation afternoon, when iPads and study journals were issued and the students were organised into their respective tutor groups, Tuesday began with a pastoral session, featuring a remote Whole School assembly, followed by the first ever lessons in the Senior Divisions. Whilst understandably a little nervous, the students quickly came out of their shells with exciting chemistry experiments and engaging drama activities. Lunch soon arrived, with students sitting out on the Plot and socialising in the sun. After period 6, it was time for the co-curriculum with some students joining Dr Thomas for Astronomy Club, others in supervised study and our boarders returning to Hawley and Petre. We have all been impressed by our new Year 7 students and look forward to them settling in over the coming weeks.

Mr Bickersteth, Head of Middle School Boys, said, ‘It was wonderful to meet the new Year 7 students in person at Monday’s familiarisation session. They impressed us with their engagement and good sense, and made a similarly assured start to their first day of full lessons today, I look forward to their continued progress through the first term and beyond’.