Year 12 Welcomes Theologian Dr Vardy for Human & Spiritual Day

Date Posted: Tuesday 28 February 2023

In February 2023, our Year 12 students enjoyed a day off-timetable to enjoy a series of talks from the esteemed theologian Dr Peter Vardy. He delivered lectures on a series of topics such as genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, the potential problematic future of fertility, and the ageing population in the world. We were given the opportunity to explore and develop our own opinions. Debates throughout the day challenged us to tackle opposing views from our peers. The day was a great chance to practise public speaking and the skill of expressing our arguments in a clear and concise manner.

Dr Vardy emphasised that we are the generation who will be facing these issues in the future, and we left the day with an acute understanding of how crucial it is to take time to consider our ethical approaches to complex moral issues. Human and Spiritual Days always help us to have a clearer idea of our future, the lives we will lead and the sort of people we aspire to become. Overall, it was a lovely day full of difficult questions, interesting topics, and good debates!