Visit from Founder of the Pachamama Project

Date Posted: Saturday 10 February 2024

We welcomed back Old Fish Ella Lambert (New Hall 2012-2018) for an inspirational talk on how she started her own charity, The Pachamama Project, fighting ‘period poverty’, and a workshop making her specially designed reusable sanitary towels, which get distributed to refugees all around the world. It was wonderful to catch up with Ella, and see how much impact her work has had on communities globally since she left New Hall, with over 2,000 volunteers now helping to make and distribute reusable sanitary towels. Our Senior Divisions students excitedly joined in on the workshop, with a fantastic turnout once again showing their dedication to volunteer work and serving others, whether in the local community or those in need on the other side of the globe.

The New Hall Voluntary Service, which has been running for over 45 years, is excited to announce that it is about to have a new action group. We will be working with Ella, creating a new NHVS group, The Pacha Club, which will be launched after Easter, making products for Ella’s charity endeavour. Given the response from students to her talk on Thursday, and how popular her workshop was, where students got involved making the sanitary towels, we have no doubt that this club will be very popular.