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New Hall Sets New Record for Shoebox Appeal

New Hall’s 2020 Shoebox Appeal has seen members of the New Hall Community come together to collect Christmas shoeboxes for the Little Edi Foundation.
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Year 3 Instrument Scheme

Following the success of last year’s scheme, which has been extended to Year 4, our current Year 3 pupils have eagerly introduced themselves to their new instruments.
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New Hall US Election 2020

The results are in for the New Hall US election! Biden sweeps the floor with 496 electoral college votes and Trump wins just 42 votes.
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Black History Month Update

Black History Month has been in full swing at New Hall for the last few weeks.
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Samba II Covid Test Machine

We are pleased to have taken delivery of a SAMBA II COVID-19 diagnostic test machine, on which our Health Centre staff and others have now completed their training.
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New Approach to NHVS Lunch Groups

After discussion with the NHVS Adult Volunteers, we came up with a new approach.
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Preparatory Boarders Settle in to Petre House

It’s been wonderful to have the boys back in the boarding house and we've created this video to share with you all how our Preparatory full and weekly boarders have been settling in.
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Launch of new group: Corpus

On Friday we launched our newest student group: Corpus, a group designed to celebrate and discuss equality and diversity.
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New All-Weather Outdoor Performance and Recreational Facilities

From the second half of the Michaelmas Term 2020, the whole of the Prep playground will be covered with a weatherproof, steel-framed canopy. 
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