New Hall Announces New Senior Prefects

Date Posted: Tuesday 31 March 2020

We are pleased to announce the new Senior Prefect team for 2020-21. Particular congratulations go to the new Heads of School, Daisy Alderson and Ben Hutton-Penman, the new Deputy Heads, Gracie Hunter and Thomas Rozée, and the new Chaplaincy Prefects, Alina Stanevskaya and Georgia Williamson. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all outgoing Prefects for their hard work over the past academic year.


Daisy Alderson | Head Girl

“I am truly honoured to have this opportunity, as Head Girl, to represent the student body. I have been a student here since Year 7, and I am currently taking Theology, Latin and English at A Level. I have participated in many aspects of School life throughout my 6 years here, and I cannot wait to help support the younger students through the School!
Outside of lessons, I am a member of the Dance Company, and I do tap, jazz, contemporary, ballet and lyrical classes each week. Moreover, I have loved being a Willow representative and an NHVS leader this year; this opportunity has enabled me to make so many new friendships and have a greater role within the School community. I really enjoy tennis each week, and I have recently qualified as a lifeguard, which has taught me invaluable life-saving skills and first aid.
In terms of my future aspirations, I hope to be able to take a Gap Year to experience new cultures and explore the world. I have always wanted to travel to Australia! Afterwards, I will hopefully go on to study one of my subjects at university.
During these turbulent and uncertain times, I hope that everyone is taking care of themselves and others, as best as one can, in order to emerge the other side of this as a stronger community. I don’t know when we will return to life as we know it, but until then, I hope that everyone is staying positive and safe; I am truly excited to take on this duty and will promise to carry out this role with passion, positivity and enthusiasm.”


Ben Hutton-Penman | Head Boy

“Hello, I’m Ben Hutton-Penman and I am New Hall’s new Head Boy for 2020-21. I would firstly like to start by wishing you and your families good health in these very difficult times.
I have been at New Hall for 12 years now (since Year 1) and have a love for sport. At New Hall, I play rugby, hockey, tennis and go to the gym, but outside of School, I sail (as some of you may know, I sailed across the Atlantic in 2018!). I enjoy learning, whether it is my A Level subjects of Maths, Physics and Economics, or other things, such as current affairs; a lot of you may remember me when I was co-leading the Conservative party at the New Hall election, alongside Holly Downer.
I am a friendly face who will always stop and help you with any concerns/problems you may have, or just to have a friendly conversation with. So please, if there is anything I can help you with, don’t be afraid to stop and ask me; I promise I won’t bite! As Head Boy, I really want to bring a very happy and joyful energy to the School and I want to be remembered as someone who is funny and cares for everyone in the School community.
I would also like to encourage students to expand their knowledge in topics that we do not necessarily learn about in our timetabled studies. For example, I love learning about quantum mechanics and the environment. I want to encourage everyone to learn about extra-curricular subjects, as finding an interest is very important.
In finishing, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me in my application to be Head Boy. I will work hard to be the best Head Boy I can be, and I will support the students, teachers and the School to help us improve.”


Gracie Hunter | Deputy Head Girl

“I am Gracie Hunter and I feel privileged to have been given the honour of representing New Hall School as Deputy Head Girl. I am currently studying History, Politics and Economics at A Level, and I hope to further this education of History and Politics at university. I grew up in The Netherlands and since joining New Hall School in Year 12 as a Full Boarder, I have had the pleasure of taking part in a Model United Nations Conference, listening to interesting presentations in History Society, and being a mentor as part of the Willow scheme. Among my hobbies are reading and debating.
Throughout the role, I hope to be able to make New Hall School even more environmentally friendly, whilst simultaneously working to be a supportive member of the New Hall community, one who all students feel that they can approach. I look forward to taking on my new role with passion and vigour. I wish happiness and safety for you and your loved ones during this time.”



Thomas Rozée | Deputy Head Boy

“I joined New Hall in Year 7 as one of the youngest students in my year. Nobody from my primary school came to New Hall with me, but I have gone on to build friendships that I’m sure will last a lifetime.
Since joining New Hall, I have become an NHVS leader, Preparatory Divisions volunteer, Boarding House Prefect, swimming team captain, rugby player and ballroom and Latin dancer. I honestly would not have undertaken any of these interests without the confidence New Hall gave me. I’d like to say I’m now an independent and headstrong young man.
As I begin my A Levels in Latin, Biology and Chemistry, I have never felt more confident in the path that New Hall has presented. Recent events, and watching the key medical workers take care of us all, have made me more determined to fulfil my dream of a future in medicine. I really enjoy Latin as it complements my love of Greek mythology, as well as my planned career path.
I have absolutely loved my time here at New Hall and I’m very proud to represent my New Hall family as Deputy Head Boy in the coming year.”


Georgia Williamson | Chaplaincy Prefect

“Hello, my name is Georgia Williamson and I have been selected as one of the new Chaplaincy Prefects. I am a Weekly Boarder and have been at the School since
Year 7. Some of you may already know me through my involvement with the Senior Orchestra as leader of the first violins, the Senior Choir, annual drama productions, as well as my role as editor of the Beaulieu Bulletin.
Through my new role as Chaplaincy Prefect, I am determined to get everyone involved this coming year! With Chaplaincy being central to the faith and charity side of School life, I am eager to get everyone in the Senior Division involved with Chapel assemblies and Masses, making them more engaging and interactive, as well as having every tutor group of a year to do their part in a new ‘charity week’ at the end of each term. From a faith perspective, I am hoping to start a group, in which everyone is welcome to share their faith or questions about faith, bringing the community together. With the help of Alina, Mrs McGlynn and Father Martin, I hope to make this possible.”