New Hall’s Miss Beatty published in TES

Date Posted: Wednesday 11 March 2020

The UK publication TES, for educational professionals published an article written by New Hall School’s teacher of English and Academics Project Co-Ordinator, Miss Beatty in their latest edition. The article focuses on the changes to education implemented in 2018-2019, as a result of social, environmental and political challenges.

New Hall School responded to these changes by expanding their use of coursework-based project qualifications. The project qualifications are the equivalent to GCSE or A level and develop students’ research skills and self-motivation. In the article, Miss Beatty explains how New Hall ‘embraced the qualifications with the aim of empowering students to make a difference in society’ with excellent results.

The introduction of project qualifications has also involved the introduction of academic project exhibitions, providing the New Hall students with the opportunity to share their findings and discover new opportunities. Miss Beatty stated that since establishing the exhibitions the School’s EPQ grades have risen “from 88 per cent A*-C to 100 per cent, from 68 per cent A*-B to 88 per cent and from 40 per cent A*-A to 59 per cent”. Following New Hall’s 2019-2020 success, the TES are interested in publishing a second article on the topic.

Alongside its successful academic programme, New Hall School encourages students in charitable work and giving, holding fundraising events throughout the year in support of a range of charities and running the successful New Hall Voluntary service, with which all students are involved during their time at the school.

New Hall has an excellent music and performing arts provision and fantastic sports facilities and training programmes. The boarding and day school for students aged 1-18 has a Catholic foundation and ethos, which welcomes those of all backgrounds. The strong pastoral care structure at the school supports students in their endeavours, allowing them to achieve success in a wide variety of fields.

Miss Beatty, teacher of English and Academics Project Co-Ordinator at New Hall School

Miss Beatty with students at a Project Exhibition