New Approach to NHVS Lunch Groups

Date Posted: Friday 16 October 2020

For the time being the NHVS groups are not able to restart ‘normally’ given the current Covid-19 restrictions. Visitors are not allowed on site at the moment and events are suspended until further notice. However, NHVS’s commitment to the community remains undimmed. We will continue to support our elderly and vulnerable guests.

After discussion with the NHVS Adult Volunteers, we came up with a new approach. New Hall is sponsoring a delivery service to the four lunch groups, Tuesday Tuck-In, Wednesday Red Cross, Thursday Barn Banquet and the Friday Feast. Now, each week, after the Year 12 and 13 students have called guests and taken their orders, the NHVS Volunteers deliver a packed lunch to the guests’ homes on the day that they would have normally visited New Hall.

The guests have been delighted with their packages and to see a friendly NHVS Volunteer; they miss the interaction with the students and they look forward to getting back to normal, at some point, but value the support that has been given.