Open Morning

Fundraising for Ukraine

Date Posted: Wednesday 20 April 2022

On the last day of the Lent term, we held our first Colour Run since 2016 raising £4,490 for the British Red Cross DEC humanitarian relief fund for Ukraine. While we had great fun, dousing each other in blue and yellow paint, dancing and singing the plight of those in Ukraine, and those fleeing from the conflict, were very much in our minds.

Colour Run fundraiser for Ukraine

In addition, our students have thought of their own ways to fundraise for direct humanitarian aid for Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees who have been forced to leave their homes.

Two bake sales raised £102 and £406 each for The Red Cross Ukrainian Appeal, Year 8 girls collected coins and staged a competition of lining them up in a trail during tutor time, raising £159.81. In Year 7, the girls held a dance-off.

Some of our students collected donations of new uniforms to be sent to France where boys from Ukraine will attend school but have no school uniform to wear. New Hall students are proud to be of help to children of their own age and we are so delighted by their altruism and empathy towards their fellow peers on the other side of the continent.

In the Preparatory Division one of our parents, Christopher Bonnett, organised the collection of many boxes of desperately-needed everyday items generously donated by parents and staff. These contributed towards eight articulated lorries of aid to Ukraine collected by Mr Bonnett, who is also fundraising through a JustGiving page.