Celebrating Culture Day during Black History Month

Date Posted: Thursday 12 October 2023

Where could you possibly learn to play Mahjong, listen to the music of Jamaica, taste Cypriot meatballs, throw a boomerang, and sample some of the finest Zimbabwean cream soda? At today’s Culture Day at New Hall!

Students in Years 7-13 have had a wonderful day, celebrating and sharing their heritage and cultures over the course of a whole school day, in the beautiful setting of New Hall’s Walkfares Canopy.

With 28 countries represented, more than 75 students volunteered to create exciting, informative and engaging stands, featuring customs, music, dance, films, games, and facts both historical and geographical, not to mention favourite treats.

This year’s New Hall Culture Day has been led by Year 13 students, including Senior Prefects Chimereze and Gabrielle, Head Girl Isabella, and Deputy Head Girl Pandora.

Chimereze, a Nigerian boarding student, considers New Hall a home from home. In between dances, he commented, “It is so important to celebrate and reflect on our heritage, especially during Black History Month, which is why we took on the organisation of Culture Day.  Thank you to all these vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic student representatives, and the staff at New Hall for helping to bring it all together.”

Gabrielle’s stand featured beautiful, bright Ghanaian jewellery, and attracted hundreds of visitors during the course of the day.  She admired the variety of cultures at New Hall, saying, “It was especially impressive how fast students had signed up to be representatives of their culture.  It’s great to see so many people enjoying the opportunity to learn about each other and share their own heritage.”

Last year, Isabella represented Sierra Leone, showing her fellow students how to play the African percussive instrument, the shekere.  This year, she coordinated the music for the entire event, with every student contributing their favourite tune!

The owner of local Chelmsford restaurant, Jerk Station, has been teaching students and staff all about the history of jollof rice, including the significance of this delicious aromatic dish in West African countries.  With over twenty languages represented and nearly 30 countries, it has been a wonderful day of culture and language at New Hall in Chelmsford.