A Day of Cultural Exchange, Learning and Laughter

Date Posted: Thursday 20 October 2022

New Hall School celebrated its first Senior Divisions’ Culture Day on Thursday 13 October. Over fifty students representing twenty countries spent the day providing students and teachers with key information and snippets of their cultures. From Japanese language learning, Chinese calligraphy, Ghanaian and Spanish games, Nigerian snacks and Jamaican dance moves, the day was as informative as it was entertaining. Students created a playlist of their favourite music from their culture, resulting in a vast display of dances and singing in many different languages.

Tianna Yagnik, Year 13 student (right on below picture), came to her fellow students and teachers with an idea of organising a day of cultural exchange and celebration. Along with a few students, Tianna organised a Cultural Day event at the Preparatory Divisions in June, with the larger Senior Divisions’ feat organised for September. “I was representing India, but it felt as though I was part of all the cultures. A day like this makes you realise how connected everyone is through culture – seeing people learning about their friends’ countries and dancing to the traditional music. Everyone felt included and seen through this celebration,” Tianna shared.

Students from Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone were particularly excited to participate in such an event and help educate others about their cultures during Black History Month. While many students sought out help from friends and family members in the form of decorations for their stands, Year 10 student Murat had a different idea. In preparation for the day, Murat got in contact with the Turkish Embassy in London asking for help, receiving many brochures and magazines for his stand.

Principal Katherine Jeffrey joined in on the celebrations of Culture Day, taste testing plantain chips, trying her hand at Chinese calligraphy, participating in a Jamaican knowledge quiz, and even learning some Spanish dance moves. Mrs Jeffrey said of the event, “I have been Principal for twenty years, yet it never ceases to amaze me how excited our students are to contribute to our School community. I see hundreds of students and teachers coming to learn and celebrate their peers’ cultures, and it all started with a handful of enthusiastic Year 13 students with a brilliant idea.”