Harvest Celebrations in the Prep

Date Posted: Friday 20 October 2023

This week, the Preparatory Divisions celebrated the Harvest Festival under our Walkfares Canopy. The pupils sang beautifully, and Fr Martin, our Resident Priest, spoke about the importance of caring for others.  Members of our community gave so generously to the food donations appeal. This year, the Prep Divisions have supported the Chelmsford Food Bank and the New Hall Voluntary Service (NHVS).

The families who joined the celebrations were moved by the words of one of our regular NHVS guests: “For me, the gift which I received made my Christmas. But for some people, it was their Christmas.”  This really brought home the importance of kindness and service to others. The retiring collection from the service will be used to support the Little Edi Foundation, for which New Hall has also held retreats on site.