Open Morning


The first piece we will attempt is the iconic theme music from Doctor Who! All the instrumental parts can be found below.  They have been organised in varying degrees of difficulty, so be sure to choose a part that you will be able to play quite easily.

This link will help you to keep in time.  It’s like a metronome.  Once you can play your part well and you can keep in time, try playing it without the click track.

Use the first 4 clicks as an empty or counting-in bar.  The 1st beat of the bar has a different sound. Does your part start on beat one or two?  Be really careful about this. Make sure you include all the rest bars and count carefully.  This will be very important when you play with everyone else at New Hall next term.

If you need any help, please contact Mr Meakin:

Most importantly – ENJOY!

A Beginner (Grade 1 & below)

B Intermediate (Grades 2-3)

C Advanced (Grades 4-5+)