Open Morning

Summer School Day

The House Parents meet the students three times a day in registration. This provides an opportunity to outline the key activities for the day ahead, to set expectations and to ensure that our high standards of welfare for each student are being maintained.

All students meet each day for assembly. This provides an important opportunity to provide updates and to allow the students to share their experiences of the day’s learning.

Academic Programme

The academic objectives will include standardised testing on entry to the Summer School, with progress checks in lessons. By the end of a two week course, all students are expected to achieve an internationally-recognised speech and language qualification from the English Speaking Board.

English lessons
Students are allocated to an appropriate level English class following a brief assessment on their first day at the Summer School. There will be three 1-hour lessons covering:

  • Grammar
  • Reading, listening and vocabulary
  • Communication – discussions, games etc.
  • Project-based work/research for advanced students

Progress will be monitored so that students can reflect on their learning and demonstrate the progress they have made. Students will experience aspects of a typical English school curriculum, learning language through disciplines such as History, Geography, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, alongside the
co-curricular activities.

Students will attend daily study sessions in which they will undertake a variety of activities aimed at consolidating their learning in a fun way. The students will write about their day’s activities and learning in a New Hall journal. Students will take their journal home at the end of the Summer School to share with parents.