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The Music Department at New Hall School seeks to identify, encourage and develop each individual’s musical potential in order to provide her or him with a lifelong interest in music.  We encourage students to collaborate, listen to and hear each other, take risks, communicate clearly and develop individual responsibility.  Music should promote a sense of belonging and being included.

At Key Stage 3, students are encouraged to explore a wide range of musical genres, ranging from the symphony orchestra to traditional Indonesian music, experimental and club dance styles. They will focus on the development of performance and composition skills, both as an individual and in small groups, and will cultivate a vocabulary to describe music.  Students have the opportunity to make use of technology with their iPads and in the Department’s dedicated computer suite.  In Year 7, all boys and girls sing in a choir as part of their curriculum and perform as a group at school events and concerts.

Students follow the AQA specification for GCSE Music

Component 1: Appraising Music. We will study music from four areas of study: Western classical tradition 1650-1910 to include music by Handel, Haydn, Chopin and Verdi, popular Music 1950 – present to include The Beatles Sgt Pepper album, Broadway musicals, contemporary pop music and film and computer gaming music, traditional music including blues, folk, fusion and contemporary Latin and the Western classical tradition since 1910 including music by Copland, Britten, Bartok and Reich.

Component 2: Performance. Students develop their performing skills throughout the course, taking every opportunity to perform as a soloist or with others. Their best work is recorded and presented as a performance portfolio.

Component 3: Composition. Students explore the way in which music is constructed and then take these models to create music of your own in a style and for performers of their own choice.  The best music created is presented as a composition portfolio.


Students follow the OCR specification for A Level Music

Components 1 & 2: Performing (25% or 35%)

EITHER Recital minimum six minutes, two contrasting pieces. Externally assessed via audio-visual recording (25%)

OR Recital minimum ten minutes, three contrasting pieces. Externally assessed via audio-visual recording.
Section 1: Free choice; Section 2: Focused study. (35%)

Components 3 & 4: Composing (35% or 25%)

EITHER Two pieces and three short technical exercises, minimum combined duration of eight minutes. Externally assessed via audio-visual recording (35%)

OR Two pieces, minimum combined duration of four minutes. Externally assessed via audio-visual recording (25%)

Component 5: Listening and Appraising (40%)

Written exam including aural extracts.


Director of Music: Mr Meakin [email protected]

Twitter: @newhallmusic