GCSE Results 2018

Best ever GCSE Results for New Hall School, Independent School of the Year

 Record one third of grades A* or 8+

Record 55% of grades A*/A or 7+

One quarter of students achieved at least nine straight A*/A or 7+ grades

Record 86% of grades A*-B or equivalent

Sixteen New Hall 11-year-olds studied Politics and achieved a Level 1 GCSE Project 5 years early, with 88% of grades at A*/A


Students from New Hall School, Chelmsford, a leading Catholic independent boarding & day school and the overall TES Independent School of the Year 2016-17, are celebrating the school’s best ever GCSE results.  A record 55% of grades are at A*/A or 7+, with 14% of grades awarded a 9.  One third of grades have been awarded A* or 8+, which is a record for New Hall.  Following last week’s 50 A Level modules given a perfect 100% score, once again many GCSE modules were awarded 100%.

Principal, Katherine Jeffrey, said: “We are delighted to share our students’ fantastic GCSE results.  The outstanding achievements are testament to the ‘diamond model’ of education, in which boys and girls are taught separately from the ages of 11-16.  The structure sees our results buck the national trend of girls outperforming boys at GCSE level; at New Hall our top performers are equally balanced between boys and girls.”

29 students achieved nine or more A*/A/7+ GCSE grades: Rachel Adshead-Grant, Lucy Barrett, Gabrielle Bean, Shivam Bhatt, Angus Cannell, Jasmine Cass, Sarah Coxon, Samuel Donnelly, Ella Duggan, Viraj Gandhi, Lauren Gould, Chloe Haymes, Jasmine Haymes, Charlotte Henson,  Jason Kwong, Anya Leckie, Sean Lomas, Eleanor Main, Georgie Manek, Dominic Morris, Ben Moss, Lucy O’Flaherty, Shreyas Subramani, Emma Thomas, Hannah Thomas, Aidan Turner-Wallace, Eden Waite, Samantha Whetstone and Lauren Willson.

Head of Girls’ & Boys’ Divisions, Suzanna Minnis, said: “These are fantastic results that we are celebrating today with our students and their families.  The hard work and persistence of students and staff has clearly paid off, with a record one quarter of Year 11 achieving at least nine straight A*/A or 7+ grades. The students should be extremely proud of themselves.  We are confident that they have received the best possible preparation to continue their studies in the Sixth Form.”

Head of Boarding, Elizabeth Searle, said: “The strong pastoral and academic support offered to boarders has led to them gaining excellent GCSE results.  The time saved by taking away daily travel to and from school, as well as the dedicated study time and out-of-hours help from academic staff, enables those students who board to excel in the classroom.  Students are also able to enjoy the full co-curricular programme of activities offered daily at New Hall.”

New Hall Preparatory Division is also celebrating 88% of grades at A*/A for sixteen 11-year olds who achieved Level 1 GCSE in their Academic Projects based on their Politics course.  100% gained grades A*-B.  Mr Moulton, Head of Preparatory Division, said: “It is a joy to celebrate the success of our pupils, who should be very proud for achieving such outstanding results in a Level 1 GCSE Project 5 years early. This is the youngest cohort nationally.  We are delighted to be able to offer this unique course, which offers our pupils exposure to the world of politics and current affairs early in their school career.”