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Hawley (Girls, Years 3-11)

Hawley is a lively house for girls in Years 3 to 11. Girls in Hawley are able to thrive and reach their full potential during these important formative years. Hawley girls work hard, learn new skills and develop friendships that they will keep for life.

Boarding in Hawley supports individuals in their pursuit of academic excellence. Resident teachers on hand to guide students through these important years of their development, with set times in which to study, and with all boarders, in Years 10 and 11 allocated single study rooms. The students in Year 10 and 11 begin their formal examinations whilst in Hawley and our staff strive to help them adjust to this transition through close support and guidance.

Hawley girls also have a lot of fun, weekly activities, such as debating, cooking, swimming and gym training are all popular, as are the regular trips, for example to the theatre and places of cultural interest. After school, there is a wide range of activities on offer, which vary each evening. The many sporting clubs, supported by boarding and fitness staff, are always popular, as are craft and cookery nights using the school’s Art, Design & Technology Department facilities. In addition, music sessions are available in Walkfares, the School’s dedicated Performing Arts Centre.

Hawley boarders are well represented at the many clubs and societies on offer and readily take up opportunities to develop their leadership and organisational skills.

We understand that being away from home for the first time can be daunting, so we work closely with parents even before the girls arrive to make sure the transition to becoming a boarder is as smooth as possible. Hawley House provides a friendly, comfortable environment where girls can develop, safe in the knowledge that they are loved and respected. We want every girl to grow up being happy, secure and confident.

“In Hawley House, we seek to create a family atmosphere where every girl is known and affirmed and feels an integral part of the New Hall family”.


Mrs Baird, Head of Boarding – Hawley
With a background in business, Mrs Baird has a long association with New Hall, first through her sons William and Henry, both former New Hall Head Boys. Mrs Baird currently works on the boarding team in Magdalen House, where she has developed a broad range of activities for the boarders. Mrs Baird is a big lover of theatre and cinema and is looking forward to taking the Dennett girls to the West End.





Miss Gooderham, Assistant Head of Boarding – Hawley & Teacher of EAL
Miss Gooderham was raised and educated in Essex, before studying Sport & Physical Education at the University of Bedfordshire. Miss Gooderham pursued her career in education, undertaking boarding roles in Devon and in Thailand. She has worked at New Hall School for over 8 years, and has shared her time in boarding between Petre House and Hawley House, and is an EAL teacher during the school day, occasionally teaching Games too. Miss Gooderham enjoys following and participating in a variety of sports such as rugby, cricket, netball and football. She also has a passion for writing and often entertains the girls with her singing and dancing!




Mrs Novillo-Cruces, Assistant Head of Boarding – Hawley

After finishing her degree in English Studies with Spanish Literature at Southampton University, Mrs Novillo-Cruces went back to her hometown (Madrid) to complete a PGCE at Alcalá de Henares University. Upon completion, she came back to the UK to start working as a teacher and carry out her NQT year at Sherborne Girls School. Since then, Mrs Novillo-Cruces has been working as a Spanish and French teacher in different schools such as Millfield School (Somerset), Alton School (Hampshire) and Worth School (West Sussex). She’s also been involved in different boarding roles as Resident Boarding Tutor, Deputy Housemistress and Housemistress for the last 10 years. Being able to support students not only in the classroom but also in a boarding community has been one of the highlights of her teaching career. Being in the UK for these 12 years, Mrs Novillo-Cruces would like to say that she has got used to the English weather by now but she might need 12 years more for that to happen.



Miss Stephens, Boarding Assistant

Miss Stephens is a Durham graduate, completing her undergraduate degree in Music, and most recently her Masters in Education. In her final year at university she volunteered as a welfare officer, providing support for her peers. Miss Stephens is a keen singer, having been able to sing in places all over the world, including Australia, Hong Kong and Italy. In her spare time she loves trips to the theatre and travelling.





Miss Downes, Boarding Tutor & Teacher of PE

Miss Downes was born and raised in Barbados. She graduated from Lock Haven University with a Health and Physical Education Teaching Degree. In addition to working as a Boarding Tutor in Hawley House, Miss Downes is a PE teacher, Sports Coach and currently a Year 9 Tutor. She is an international hockey player  for her country and plays National League hockey for Chelmsford. She loves working with children and is always looking to be a positive role model. Her Christian faith is also integral in her life and she enjoys fellowshipping and listening to many styles of gospel music as well as doing daily devotions.




Miss Collins, Boarding Tutor & Teacher of Chemistry

Miss Collins is a University of Kent graduate with a first class degree in Chemistry. She is a Teacher of Chemistry at New Hall and also a Boarding Tutor in Hawley House. She is dedicated to the wellbeing and education of her students. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, friends and pets, travelling as much as she can in her holidays. She is always happy for a chat, so come talk to her if you have the time!


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