Hawley (Girls, Years 3-10)

Hawley House

Hawley is a lively house for girls in Years 3 to 10. Girls in Hawley are able to thrive and reach their full potential during these important formative years. Hawley girls work hard, learn new skills and develop friendships that they will keep for life.

Boarding in Hawley supports individuals in their pursuit of academic excellence. Resident teachers on hand to guide students through these important years of their development, with set times in which to study, and with all boarders, in Years 9 and 10 allocated single study rooms. The students in Year 10 begin their formal examinations whilst in Hawley and our staff strive to help them adjust to this transition through close support and guidance.

Hawley girls also have a lot of fun, weekly activities, such as debating, cooking, swimming and gym training are all popular, as are the regular trips, for example to the theatre and places of cultural interest. After school, there is a wide range of activities on offer, which vary each evening. The many sporting clubs, supported by boarding and fitness staff, are always popular, as are craft and cookery nights using the school’s Art, Design & Technology Department facilities. In addition, music sessions are available in Walkfares, the School’s dedicated Performing Arts Centre.

Hawley boarders are well represented at the many clubs and societies on offer and readily take up opportunities to develop their leadership and organisational skills.

Magdalen Wing, Hawley House (Girls, Years 3-8)

We understand that being away from home for the first time can be daunting, so we work closely with parents even before the girls arrive to make sure the transition to becoming a boarder is as smooth as possible. The Magdalen Wing, in Hawley House, provides a friendly, comfortable environment where girls can develop, safe in the knowledge that they are loved and respected. We want every girl to grow up being happy, secure and confident.

“In Hawley House, we seek to create a family atmosphere where every girl is known and affirmed and feels an integral part of the New Hall family”.

Mrs A Addison, Head of Hawley House



Mrs Addison, Head of Hawley House & Teacher of Music
Mrs Addison has worked in boarding schools throughout her career as a Music Teacher, where she has always enjoyed the caring nature of being part of a boarding house team. Previously an Assistant Housemistress at Woldingham School, Mrs Addison studied Jazz Saxophone at Leeds College of Music and has a Masters of Education from the University of Cambridge. She enjoys baking, film nights and walks in the countryside with her cocker spaniel, Brecon and pointer, Munro.




Miss Grimbley-Smith, Assistant Head of Hawley House
Miss Grimbley-Smith has been involved in boarding all her life, with her parents running a boarding house at Sevenoaks School, which she also attended as a student. In 2016, Miss Grimbley-Smith graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BSc in Business Management, where she was also able to pursue her interests in journalism, singing and musical theatre. Following her graduation, Miss Grimbley-Smith took on the role of Residential Fellow at Wymondham College. Miss Grimbley-Smith has been an Assistant Housemistress at New Hall School since September 2017, also teaching within the Learning Development and Mathematics Departments. She is regularly seen taking long walks with her dog, Daisy.




Miss Dewhirst, Assistant Head of Hawley House
After graduating from university with a First in English Language & Creative Writing, Miss Dewhurst set off to Asia, where she spent a year teaching English in Vietnam. She then moved on to Cambodia to be a Year 6 teacher at a residential nongovernmental organisation (NGO) that cares for children affected by HIV. Miss Dewhurst went initially for one year but the place captured her heart and so it is that, four years later, she is only now preparing to leave. Miss Dewhurst has worked as a houseparent at the Dragon School, Abberley Hall School and Port Regis School. She has also spent summers working at residential camps. Miss Dewhurst loves to be creative; baking, making and editing films, dancing and walking her golden retriever.



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