The New Hall Chaplaincy is open to all, regardless of individual religious beliefs. The school aims to support all staff, students, parents and anyone who forms part of the New Hall community. Fr L Bennett and the team welcome anyone to visit, or contact by email, should they wish to discuss any matters.

The Team
  • Fr L Bennett, Chaplain
  • Mrs K Jeffrey, Principal
  • Mr A Fardell, Deputy Principal and Director of Music
  • Mrs J McGlynn, Head of Middle School Girls, Sacristan, Lay Chaplain
  • Mr P Bray, Head of Theology, Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Mr L Dunkley, Assistant Lay Chaplain
  • Miss Y Drought, Teacher of Biology, Assistant Lay Chaplain
  • Miss L Beatty, Teacher of English, Academic Projects Coordinator, Assistant Lay Chaplain (Charities)



Thursday 4.30pm – 5.30pm in The Barn (Chaplaincy Centre)


Mass Times

Monday: 12.40pm in the St Francis Chapel (Preparatory Divisions)

Tuesday: 7.25am in the Chapel

Wednesday: 1.00pm in the Chapel

Thursday: 1.00pm in the Chapel

Friday: 12.40pm in the St Francis Chapel (Preparatory Divisions)

Sunday: 7.00pm in the Chapel