Year 11 Visit Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Before half term, Year 11 visited the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts on the University of East Anglia’s campus site.  The architecturally designed centre, by Sir Norman Foster, provided the perfect backdrop for the eclectic mix of world arts, which were donated to the University by Sir Robert and Lady Sainsbury who hoped the works would inspire and be enjoyed by students, academic staff and the public as much as they had enjoyed them in their home.  The centre is home to pieces from Henry Moore, Alberto Giacometti and Francis Bacon, as well as many other artists.  Students started the day by going on a tour with a very knowledgeable guide and then they took part in a workshop with artist, Bryony Graham.  She encouraged them to recollect their journey through the museum earlier in the day and then they produced a series of speed sketches, which were then placed around the workshop space.  These sketches then became part of another journey around the workshop which led to some very amusing mapping with masking tape.  From this, students produced their own exquisite corpse drawings that then became sculptures.  Students were able to select materials from a vast range and fuse them together to create unique artwork of their own.


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