Pre-Reception Celebrate Chinese New Year

Pre-Reception have had lots of fun celebrating  Chinese New Year this week with a variety of exciting activities.  They made some  colourful fireworks, after watching the real ones at the opening celebrations in Hong Kong. Everyone also enjoyed tasting  some Chinese food and tried to eat it using chopsticks, which was a bit tricky!  The children made their own special red Chinese money envelopes and put  chocolate coins inside them.  As this year is the year of the snake, everyone worked together to make a big snake collage which is on display in the Pre-Reception entrance.  

The rest of the Preparatory School took part in an inter-House Art competition to celebrate Chinese New Year, judged by Mrs Ho You, Art Co-ordinator.  St Mark’s House was the winner, with the two overall winners being Ruby Coyne (3RE) and Ochinehi Daudu (2E).  Jack Daly(6S) was the winner for St Mark’s, William Street (1D) was the winner from St Luke’s, Holly Lazell (4D) was the winner for St John’s and Coral Dunk (4B) was the winner for St Matthew’s.


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