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Registration Form | PDF

Additional Information Booklet | PDF

Coach Services Booklet | PDF

Electronic copy of our prospectus | Webpage
Senior School ISI Report PDF
Preparatory School ISI Report | PDF
Boarding Welfare ISI Inspection Report | PDF
Ofsted Boarding Report | PDF
Senior Diocese of Brentwood Section 48 Inspection Report | PDF
Prep Diocese of Brentwood Section 48 Inspection Report | PDF 
Standard Terms & Conditions | PDF

New Hall School was last inspected in 2010. Ofsted inspected the boarding provision and rated it ‘Outstanding’. The Independent Schools Inspectorate inspected the Preparatory and Senior Schools and found the provision excellent.


Policies Available to Download

Acceptable Use of Electronic Devices Policy | PDF
Accessibility Policy | PDF

Admissions Policy | PDF

Anti-Bullying Policy | PDF
Appointment of Staff Policy including Safer Recruitment | PDF
Behaviour Policy | PDF
Boarding Policy | PDF
Boarding Principles and Practices | PDF
Bursaries and Scholarships Policy | PDF
Code of Conduct - Preparatory | PDF
Code of Conduct - Senior | PDF
Complaints Procedure | PDF
Curriculum Policy | PDF
Data Protection Notice | PDF
Drug and Substance Abuse Policy | PDF
Early Years Behaviour Policy | PDF
Early Years Curriculum Policy | PDF
Early Years First Aid Policy | PDF
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy | PDF
Early Years Missing Child Policy | PDF
Early Years Mobile Phone and Camera Policy | PDF
Early Years Supervision Policy | PDF
Early Years Uncollected Late Child Policy | PDF
Educational Visits Policy | PDF
Health and Safety Policy | PDF
ICT Code of Practice including anti-Cyber Bullying Policy | PDF
Inclusion Policy: Gifted & Talented; EAL and welfare; Special Educational Needs | PDF
Medical & First Aid Policy | PDF
Permanent Exclusion & Required Removal Policy | PDF
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy | PDF
Staff Code of Conduct | PDF

Website Cookie Policy | Webpage

All of the policy documents listed below are available to parents on request by emailing admin@newhallschool.co.uk or by contacting reception on 01245 467 588. For any other specific policies, please contact admin@newhallschool.co.uk .

Whole School Policies  

  1. Acceptable use of Electronic Devices Policy
  2. Accessibility Policy       
  3. Admissions Policy       
  4. Allergy & Anaphylaxis Management Policy        
  5. Anti-Bullying Policy       
  6. Attendance Policy        
  7. Behaviour Policy       
  8. Boarding Policy        
  9. Boarding Principles and Practice        
  10. Bursaries & Scholarships Policy       
  11. Catering & Nutrition Policy
  12. CCTV Policy               
  13. Co-Curricular Policy        
  14. Code of Conduct (Prep Students)        
  15. Code of Conduct (Senior Students)        
  16. Collective Worship Policy        
  17. Complaints Procedure 
  18. Concussion and Graduated Return to Play Policy       
  19. Control Student Access to Risky Areas & Map        
  20. Curriculum Policy    
  21. Data Protection Notice
  22. Disability Policy        
  23. Drugs, Alcohol & Substance Misuse Policy               
  24. Eco Policy        
  25. Educational Visits Policy
  26. Emotional Health & Wellbeing Policy  
  27. English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy     
  28. Equal Opportunities Policy (students)            
  29. Fire Safety Policy*        
  30. Health & Safety Policy* (See also Section 8 for First Aid and Fire Procedures)      
  31. Homework & Study Policy        
  32. ICT Across the Curriculum Policy        
  33. ICT Code of Practice including Anti-Cyberbullying Policy (students)        
  34. Instrumental Tuition Policy        
  35. Library Policy        
  36. Literacy Skills Policy        
  37. Medical & First Aid Policy        
  38. Missing Student Policy
  39. Most Able & Talented (MAT) Policy
  40. Permanent exclusion & required removal policy
  41. Prevent Risk Assessment
  42. Promotion of British Values Policy
  43. Provision for students with particular needs
  44. PSHEE & Citizenship Policy
  45. Radicalisation and Extremism Policy      
  46. Restraint Policy 
  47. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy       
  48. Sex & Relationships Education Policy
  49. Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy        
  50. Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Policy
  51. Teaching & Learning Policy  
  52. Uniform Policy  

Boarding Policies

  1. Boarding Policy
  2. Boarding Principles and Practice
  3. Boarding student complaints

Early Years Policies 

  1. Early Years Administration of medicine       
  2. Early Years Behaviour Policy        
  3. Early Years Curriculum Policy        
  4. Early Years First Aid Policy      
  5. Early Years Missing Child Policy      
  6. Early Years Mobile Phone & Camera Policy 
  7. Early Years Supervision Policy      
  8. Early Years Uncollected/Late Child Policy  

Senior School Policies

  1. Careers & Higher Education Guidance (CEG)        
  2. Public Examinations Policy  

Staffing Policies        

  1. Appointment of Governors Policy        
  2. Appointment of Staff Policy        
  3. Code of Conduct (staff)

* The DfE requires all schools to publish to parents a report on the number of formal complaints that proceed through all stages of the school’s complaints procedure, together with the outcome decision. In 2015-16, there was one formal complaint that reached stage 2 of the process.  In 2014-15, there were no formal complaints that reached stage 2 of the process. In 2013-14, there were 5 formal complaints requiring use of the complaints procedure and reaching stage 2 of the process (4 for New Hall Preparatory School and 1 for New Hall facilities lettings).  There were no formal complaints in 2012-13, 2011-12 or 2010-11.